2023 End of Year Special

It's been two long years, but we're finally back with a 2023 End of Year special podcast! On this episode we reveal our top 5 films, TV shows and other pop culture items of the year, as well as giving away some fantastic prizes and answering a batch of listener questions. So put your headphones on, get comfortable, and ring in the new year with the Skip to the End gang.

00:00 Intro
07:04 Top 5 films of 2023
58:19 Prize giveaway
01:02:14 Skip to the Recommend: Top 5 TV shows of 2023
01:38:00 Skynet is Coming and We're All F*cked
01:46:41 Skip to the Recommend: Top 5 pop culture of 2023
02:30:47 Listener questions
02:57:35 Outro

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