Episode 115 - Fighting With My Family

Episode 115 of the Skip To The End podcast is here! On this episode we get in the ring with true-life wrestling story Fighting With My Family, and discuss the greatest movie dads. There's also an eighties theme as we rewatch beloved comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and debate John Hughes' best films. As ever we give away some fantastic prizes, name our pop culture recommendations of the week, and play round two of Alphabets.

00:00 Intro
04:44 Top 3 movie dads
27:48 Review - Fighting With My Family
43:04 Prize giveaway
49:56 Movie Mass Debate: The Directors #15 - John Hughes
01:04:40 Rewatch - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
01:17:06 Alphabets
01:34:21 Skip to the Recommend
01:55:34 Outro

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