Episode 52 - Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

Episode 52 of the Skip To The End podcast is here! We celebrate our 2nd anniversary by reviewing Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, rewatching Step Brothers, and putting up with Sharknado 4. Things take a dark turn when we discuss our favourite movie serial killers, but lighten up again when we name our favourite Bruce Willis performances, and revisit our top five movies of all time. We also take listener questions, give away a great prize, and play round two of our newest quiz, Get Fact.

00:00 Intro
05:01 Top 3 movie serial killers
26:16 Review - Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates
39:13 Prize giveaway
41:33 Top 5 films revisited
44:54 Movie Mass Debate #2 - Bruce Willis
54:35 Rewatch - Step Brothers
01:05:55 Get Fact
01:16:03 Review - Sharknado 4
01:25:55 Listener questions
01:40:27 Outro

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STTE team