Episode 29 - Everest

Episode 29 of the Skip To The End podcast is here! On this episode we review the harrowing true story Everest, and discuss the greatest cinematic one hit wonders. We also rewatch the Adam Sandler travesty Jack & Jill, and name our favourite films of 2001. As usual we take listener questions, play the next round of FaMovie Fortunes, and give away an amazing prize.

00:00 Intro
02:02 Top 3 one hit wonders
24:05 Review - Everest
47:02 Prize giveaway
49:56 Skip Back in Time - 2001
01:01:21 Rewatch - Jack & Jill
01:16:25 FaMovie Fortunes
01:23:51 Listener questions
01:38:53 Outro

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STTE team